This is a 2018 Production together with Gali Blay: This is a stop-motion animation documentary film that takes place in Gaza and in the Gaza envelope area extending a few miles outside the fenced-in borders of the Gaza Strip. The protagonists of the film will lead us in a timeline through their hidden experiences. For example HF, a Palestinian social worker from Gaza City, where the inhabitants are allowed only four hours of electricity during the day, chooses to use these hours to watch reruns of Tom and Jerry cartoons with his two children. Yifat, an Israeli nurse who lives in Kibbutz Erez (1.4 km from Gaza), chooses to see the green hills right next to her home, instead of looking beyond it and across the borderline at Gaza.

The film will explore the hidden forces of the human defense mechanisms of the inhabitants of these areas. The characters will reveal to the viewer their deepest fears alongside their greatest fantasies and how they help them create a reality they can survive in.

The film will present a visualization inspired by the encounters we had with the protagonists of the film, who live in Gaza and in the Gaza envelope area. The visualization reflects the inner and fantastic world of the characters. The film will present a timeline showing the development of human existence in these specific areas, which are under constant threat of violent physical and psychological attacks.

The film examines whether the inner and imaginary worlds of the film's protagonists can bridge the dissonance that exists among the residents of the two areas, and find affinity and resemblance to the person who lives on the other side of the fence.

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