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Passato is a can of tomatoes. He lives in a hostile, over-dimensional packaging town where it is not easy to survive, and certainly not for a can like Passato whose shelf-date has expired.
Among the architecturally remarkable living-crates, piled up on shelves, and the narrow aisles of the supermarket city, the story of Passato takes place: the attempt to deal creatively with the extreme conditions of a consumer city gone out-of-control; the attempt to survive and finally to rebuild everything to give a new beginning to life

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The Trick Technology

The rich layout, the imaginative design and the usual meticulousness, which were to be found in the prize-winning "TV City" and "Automatic Fitness", achieve an even better effect here. They endow each scene with a visual and narrative force of its own. In addition to this, digital stenography has been integrated for the torrential downpour and the ensuing flood. This extends the layout options and, all in all, provides a very modern look.

We seek to create an innovative and prestigious 80min. animated featurefilm.

Production Information
Written and Directed by - Alejandra Tomei & Alberto Couceiro
Character Designers: Tomei & Couceiro
Berenice Fernandez & Anette
Sets & Props: Alberto Couceiro
Juan Carlos Rey
Production: Animas-Film

His fellow citizens:

All the inhabitants of this town are similar. They are containers of all kinds of products (e.g. tomato cans, tetra packs with milk or other drinks, receptacles for yoghurt and milk, bottles of cleaning liquid or detergent) with legs and arms but without heads. Some of these characters have a label that represents their face and all of them are covered with advertisements and brand names. The town has become the first enemy of its inhabitants and in order to find protection they hide inside their containers. The contact with other town dwellers is always based on confrontation. Usually, people don´t talk to each other, everybody being enclosed in his own little world. Everybody acts in an egocentric way.
When these people meet in public places there is neither politeness nor consideration for one another. Communication only takes place when there is a fight or some kind of aggression. In this case shouting can be heard and there is some participation in public life. The shouting consists of onomatopoeic sounds that come from the insides of the containers and which are amplified by their walls.
Other characters are for example: The police and ticket inspectors: these are containers of strong detergents with threatening labels. Their dogs are cans of dog food with a dog´s face on the label. There is a woman/mother: a carton of milk and her child is a container of yoghurt. There are cans of "Prussian Beer" with base-ball bats and army boots who are acting like skin-heads. A tetra-pack container is a drunkard who sleeps in the street.



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